Magnetic technology
for water- and
wind turbines

Together we develop
a solution with a sustainable and
cost-effective result

In the dynamic renewable energy market, the degree of flexibility largely determines the competitive position of our clients. This is where Bakker Magnetics Renewable, a system partner that can quickly respond to market demands, can help.

Together, we develop a solution that increases our client’s competitive edge with a sustainable and cost-effective result. Our client benefits from our knowledge and understanding of the distribution chain.

Bakker Magnetics Renewable’s added value is unmistakable. The demand for permanent magnet technology is increasing, mainly due to the growing popularity of renewable energy generation. It’s visible in the world around us.

The number of wind turbines is growing, and the turbines are becoming larger. Hydroelectric plants in rivers and oceans are starting to come of age, and solar parks are appearing in more and more places.

With the European Union striving for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, the demand on this continent for sustainable solutions will only increase. Thanks to the Paris Climate Agreement (2015), sustainability is also an acute issue in the rest of the world.

Bakker Magnetics Renewable develops high-quality magnetic assemblies for companies active in renewable energy, through intensive collaboration with our clients.

These clients benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in complex magnetic solutions. Together, we arrive at innovative end products. During these collaborations, Bakker Magnetics Renewable strives for high-quality innovations that are both sustainable for the client, and help make the world cleaner and greener. Examples include solutions for wind turbines and hydropower plants.

Leading high-tech company

Bakker Magnetics Renewable was created from one of Bakker Magnetics‘ divisions in January 2021. This company started out gluing pot magnets, and over fifty years grew into a leading high-tech company for complex issues in the area of magnetism. This has resulted, among other things, in a joint venture with one of the world’s largest magnet factories in Ningbo, China.

Pioneering magnetic solutions through
the co-creation of sustainable technology

"An important international recognition that we are helping to realise the largest offshore wind farm in the world."

Bakker Magnetics Renewable developed a number of magnetic modules for the world’s largest manufacturer of offshore wind turbines. These modules make the traditional drive train technology with a failure-prone gearbox obsolete, and reduce the risk of turbine failure. 

Reduced risk of failures

Since there is no gearbox, the turbine needs less maintenance. In addition, no electricity is needed to generate a magnetic field, as the innovation uses permanent magnets. This increases the efficiency of the turbine.

Sharing knowledge and expertise in renewable energy

To achieve this result, an engineer from the client was stationed at Bakker Magnetics Renewable. Together, we conducted intensive research and shared our knowledge and expertise to arrive at the best tailor-made solution.
Bakker Magnetics Renewable also took on the magnet production and assembly of these magnets, because we can rely on many years of experience in assembling very powerful magnets.

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